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5 years ago we set out to design a coupling system that is easy to use and is incredibly strong.  For 21 years in the underground utility construction business we struggled with inadequate couplers. The CoBALT Coupler system is American made and has a pull strength over 3,845+ lbs. Its tapered design makes installation an easy one man job, with no special tools required. Engineered by people who use couplers in the field everyday, CoBALT Couplers are the fastest and strongest couplers on the market today.

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CoBALT Couplers are the only couplers that are

  • UL Listed

  • One-person tool-less installation

Our couplers remain intact years after other couplers deteriorate and fail.  Made of High Impact Type II PVC, CoBALT Couplers are designed to withstand the brutal elements after installation where other couplers fall short.

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