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Product Information

  • Patent Pending technology

  • UL Certified

  • Fastest and strongest coupling system on the market

  • Made in the USA

  • Tapered design to help ease installation

  • A true one-person installation with no special tools required

  • Pressure tested to over 150 PSI

  • Pull apart strength over 3,845+ lbs

  • Tapered design to help couple out of round HDPE

Engineering Sketch

Please visit our specifications page to download typical installation specs, coupler specs, and installation instructions.

UL Certified.jpg
Certified 514B - E510404

Many competitors claim their couplers are UL Listed by stating they "meet UL Standards".  This is misleading because only UL Listed products have been tested by UL to nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards and are approved to carry the UL stamp.


We proudly manufacture our couplers in the United States.  American made and engineered by people who use couplers in the field every day since 1999.


CoBALT Couplers are the ONLY Poly to Poly/PVC couplers that are UL Listed in the United States and we are proud to carry the UL stamp on our couplers.

What is UL Certification?


Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is one of the most recognized safety certification companies around. For 125 years, they certify products, facilities, processes or systems based on industry-wide standards. Obtaining UL Certification is important because it demonstrates a manufacturers competency that products have been tested to applicable standards.  UL Certification is not simply a sticker you can purchase to put on your products.  Manufacturers must have their products evaluated, rigorously tested, and certified to become an approved UL Listed product and authorized to carry the UL stamp.


What does it mean to be UL Listed?

UL’s recognized regulatory expertise provides critical credibility to authorities and the marketplace from the safety science leader.  Products that are UL Listed ensure safety and longevity under normal wear and tear. This benefits both the consumer and the business that manufactures the product. UL Listed represents a reputation of safety plus an inherent accountability for product brands.

When you see a UL Listed stamp or tag on a product it signifies that a set of industry standards have been met. More importantly, it ensures for consumers that the product has been tested for safety before it enters the market and that therefore it is safe to use. UL Listed is a seal of approval for consumer-ready end products. 

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